Petra CPS is committed to providing both a work site which is free from recognized hazards and one which fosters an environment supporting the health and safety of all our employees, as well as all other individuals who may be exposed to potential hazards in the work place. It is our goal to complete our projects without incident and to incorporate safety awareness into all of our operations.

Petra CPS believes that all injuries are preventable and that an injury-free work environment is achievable.


Policy Statement

The maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment is extremely important for the successful operation of our business. 

To achieve our objectives, it is essential that the workforce be trained to follow procedures consistent with applicable safety standards.  Each employee must be alert to his or her personal obligation to observe safe operating procedures.

Safety Program

The Petra CPS safety program primarily consists of Job Site Analysis, Hazard Prevention and Safety and Health training. 

We mandate that all employees conduct a documented safety meeting at least every ten (10) days and prior to a new project beginning.  Employees are encouraged to actively participate and voice opinions and supply input in formulating positive action to resolve issues or problems.

All foremen are in charge of the safety performance and activities of all personnel on their assigned job sites.  Our foremen are authorized to take necessary action to abate hazards or resolve safety issues as they may arise.  They are directed to make a weekly jobsite walk through as well as being responsible to follow up on the required abatement action taken.  Outside consultants are also used to inspect jobsites to maintain our desired program goals.  Outside consultants may also be used, as needed, to resolve safety compliance issues.

Employees receive OSHA approved training to ensure they are knowledgeable about workplace hazards, and are able to effectively perform a workplace inspection to determine if areas are safe in which to work.  All employees are responsible report immediately to the jobsite superintendent or foreman any condition that cannot be immediately corrected and see that measures are taken to resolve critical issues.

Petra CPS makes continuous hazard assessment a priority and is an ongoing responsibility of all management and personnel due to ever-changing conditions on the jobsite.  All members of safety management have received formal training in
understanding and implementing all of the Safety and Health programs.