PetraChip Sealer RC

PetraChip Sealer RC (Rapid Cure) is a two component,
yellowing resistant, high performance epoxy clear finish for
PetraChip systems. It provids a durable, high gloss finish for
PetraChip systems which result in a beautiful look which lasts
for years. It is designed to be used in conjunction with Petra
Chip Basecoat (see data sheet). Its epoxy chemistry provides
excellent bonding characteristics. It is generally applied at a
rate of 100 S/F per gallon (16 mils). Its design features provide
for the highest demands. Advantages:
• High gloss
• Beautiful flooring systems
• Seamless
• Integral cove base available
• Texture increases anti-slip properties
• Essentially odorless
• V.O.C. Compliant - 100% Solids
• Withstands medium to heavy traffic
• Chemical resistant
• No amine blush
• Can be applied over ten day old concrete

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