What Petra Offers

Experienced Crew

Petra CPS has been in business since 1986.  With experienced crews, Petra CPS and Petra CNL have earned a wide reputation for the highest quality in floor coatings, concrete restoration, and diamond polishing to name some of our services.  Petra companies are equipped to handle the most difficult projects.  With experience foreman and journeymen throughout Petra, our safety program and ratings are excellent.  Their work is second to none and they will make you proud of your decision to work with us.

In-House Manufacturing

Under Petra Polymers, we have been manufacturing our own products for over 12 years now.  This allows us to move quickly if project schedules demand as we do not have to order product from outside sources.  We stock 99% of products we install. 

Single-Source Warranty

Since we are a manufacturer and installer, you receive a single-source warranty.  This means that if ever there were a problem, you only have to make one phone call.  Our standard warranty is one year.  I can provide three years on Petra Crete U.