PetraThane CRU S

PetraThane CRU S is a two component, high performance aliphatic
polyester polyurethane finish floor coating. It is the satin version
of PetraThane CRU and is the product of choice when a satin or
mat finish is required. It is designed to be applied at 3-5 mils (DFT).
For durability, stain resistance, and a finish coat which beautifies
concrete for years, PetraThane CRU S is simply unmatched. It is also
formulated to be used virtually wih all other Petra base systems. Its
design features provide for the highest demands. Advantages:
• V.O.C. Compliant - (California 7-2006 standards, <100 grams/
• Satin Finish
• Withstands medium to heavy traffic
• Chemical Resistant
• UV Stability
• Mar Resistant
• Color Stability

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