Concrete Polishing

In recent years, concrete polishing has become extremely popular in warehouses, retail, schools, and a host of other industries.  The process involves the use of diamond grinders to remove mastic, thin set, and surface substances.  The concrete is then grinded in multiple passes using the diamonds.  After several passes, the concrete is then polished with resin pads to achieve the desired polishing level.  The total number of passes is determined by the condition of the concrete and the desired finish.  Every concrete polish job requires a densifier and sealer.  Other features such as applying a colored dye, or using a high-speed burnisher on the final finish are used to enhance the polishing process. 
Petra’s competency in concrete polishing projects has provided a competitive edge in packaging construction projects.  For instance, the restaurant industry has began using epoxy or urethane concrete coatings in the kitchen, while concrete polishing the dining area.