Concrete Repair

Patching concrete is not only pivotal for success in concrete coatings, concrete polishing, concrete stains, and concrete sealers, it is also important in and of itself.  A concrete slab filled with spalls, holes, cracks, and other damage does not only look bad, but it also creates safety concerns and can hinder the operations of any traffic or production.  Petra patch kits are available to be installed by either Petra or an in-house maintenance department.  The majority of concrete repair can fall in one of two categories: patching larger holes.



The best way to repair large holes is through a proper mixture of epoxy resin and silica sand.  Petra Polymers, Petra Patch is an easy to use kit, designed to fill these areas.  Whether a facility owner wants to repair pot holes to help the flow of forklift traffic, or if Petra is repairing large holes in preparation of a concrete coating, Petra Patch creates the level surface that is required.



Filling in thin cracks and small divots is important for creating a sound slab of concrete.  Petra Polymers, Rapid Patch is specifically designed for these types of products.  It a thin urethane engineered to make concrete perform the way it was originally intended to. 



Along with a solid grasp of concrete preparation and concrete repair, Petra field technicians are also experienced in successfully treatment joints.  Whether it is a construction, expansion, control, or isolation joint, Petra properly cuts them and fills them with the appropriate type of caulking.  It is often the final step in a concrete coating, concrete polishing, concrete stain, or concrete sealer project.