Petra Waterbased Epoxy 1 to 2

Petra W/B (water based) Epoxy is a two component, high performance
water reducable epoxy that tightly bonds and seals concrete
with a chemical and abrasion resistant finish. The product is great
for economically sealing concrete floors form chemicals and stains
and to eliminate dusting. Petra W/B Epoxy is user friendly, offering
long pot life, 0-VOC, essentially no odor and water clean up. The low
viscosity coating penetrates and bites into properly prepared concrete
to form a bond that is stronger than concrete, Petra W/B Epoxy
is also alkali resistant and moisture tolerant.
• Essentially oderless
• Self-priming
• V.O.C. Compliant
• Easy to apply, long pot life
• Will not soften or re-emulsify in water
• Does not support biological growth
• May be applied over damp concrete
• Easy clean up with soap and water
• Alkali resistant to pH 14
• Can be applied over ten day old concrete

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