Petra Polymer Systems were designed with the user in mind.  General housekeeping maintenance will suffice with Petra Polymer products. The smoother a flooring system, the easier it will to be to clean.

On the other hand, anti-slip textures, though they promote safety, require additional labor to clean.  In either case, most degreasers in today's market will be adequate for most floor maintenance needs.

Do not wet the floor for at least fives days after installation, because the presence of water has been known to “dull out” the new coating system. Since coatings vary, a water test in an inconspicuous spot should be performed.  The use of degreasers in conjunction with mop and bucket, floor buffers or walk behind floor cleaning machines are all acceptable methods for floor care. If a floor machine is used with a 3M™ Floor Pad, it is best not to use a pad more aggressive than a red pad. Brown and black aggressive pads, though they remove dirt and soil, may dull the floor.

In the case of hard to clean stains, apply Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and xylene solvents on resinous flooring systems. Beware, these products are flammable and must be used safely in well-ventilated areas, away from open flames or spark producing equipment. Again, perform a cleaning test in a small unobtrusive location on the floor.

                 Note: Flammable solvents should never be used to clean an entire floor.

High-pressure washing, especially on textured surfaces can be used and may be effective in removing dirt build up in the texture. It is recommended that pressure ranging from 1500-2500 psi be used. Care should be taken not to damage the floor by applying too high a concentration of the pressure washer on one spot.

Resinous flooring systems are susceptible to staining from chemicals. Though the integrity of a Petra flooring or coating system may not be affected, permanent discoloration may occur. It is best to clean up spills as quickly as possible to minimize possible staining.

If a general degreaser will not remove unwanted dirt marks, contact your local janitorial supply house and inform them as to the nature of the contaminants in need of removal. Their expertise will help identify a product suitable to a specific need. One cleaner does not fulfill every type of cleaning requirement. In any case, all products used should be applied with manufacture’s written instruction. Always test a new cleaning product on a small inconspicuous location on the floor.

Although Petra floor systems are wear resistant, it is certain that with time and contact, the floor will eventually wear out.  To sustain longer use, a wax coating is offered for certain floor products to minimize wear and tear.