Petra CVC

Petra CVC (Concrete Vapor Control) is a two component,
high performance water reducable polymer formulated to
reduce water vapor transmission rates on concrete floors.
Petra CVC will reduce water vapor transmission levels of up
to 30 pounds /1000 square feet in 24 hours to manufacturer’s
acceptable levels.The low viscosity polymer penetrates and
bites into properly prepared concrete to form a bond that is
stronger than concrete and alkali resistant. Petra CVC will not
support biological growth (bacteria, fungus, mold or algae)
and as such does not require the addition of anti-microbial
agents or biocides. The material is generally applied as two or
more thin coats providing a durable, breathable coating that
reduces moisture vapor values to levels that are safe for the
application of quality flooring.
• Essentially odorless
• Self-priming
• V.O.C. Compliant (99 grams/ liter)
• Easy to apply, long pot life
• Will not soften or reemulsify in water
• Does not support biological growth
• Able to be applied over damp concrete
• Easy clean up with soap and water
• Alkali resistant to pH 14
• Can be applied over ten day old concrete

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