Between withstanding high amounts of forklift, cart, and foot traffic, as well as the importance of demarcating safety paths and walkways, concrete coatings in aisle ways are often the focal points of manufacturing facilities, whether it is an aerospace, chemical), electronics, food, paper, or pharmaceutical facility.  Sometimes, the aisle ways call for smooth thin mil to enhance aesthetics and protect against foot traffics.  Other times, the aisle ways call for a thick, high build surface to protect against harsh production conditions.  It is also important on a Petra aisle way application to consider the use use of high performance line-striping to better mark out the paths.  Also, when a facility manager only has a short window to complete an aisle, rapid-cure products are always available.

Chemical Processing

Chemical processing may very well be the most difficult concrete coating application to install, as well as having the most amount of liability.  Petra’s extensive experience in this field is highly valuable for mitigating the risks involved in chemical floor and concrete protection.  Novo-Kote has been formulated to protect against and resist the harshest chemicals, as shown through the chemical resistance chart.  However, in chemical processing, having high chemical resistance is not enough.  The coating must also be able to withstand the heavy operation and production conditions.  High-build systems, anti-slip surfaces, fast cure times patching, and sloping must also be carefully taken into consideration when implementing a chemical processing application.   


In the animal shelter industry, the kennel floors receive immense abuse from the animals, as well as the clean up procedures.  Therefore, they require a durable concrete coating system and often a high chemical resistant product.  However, there are decorative systems available to meet the same durability and chemical resistance, while making the floors look great.


Installing a concrete coating in a kitchen requires high quality products, experienced field workers, and knowledgeable project managers.  Petra’s product line is fully capable of handling any industrial or commercial kitchen environment.  Novo-Kote can withstand the chemical attack.  Petra Crete U can hold up against hot temperatures.  And Petra’ line of high build systems contain the physical properties in being general durable enough against any production conditions.  An integral cove base may be installed to create a pan-effect and keep the floor more sanitary.  Also, Petra understands the importance in making anti-slip floors in foot traffic areas, while keeping the floors smooth (and therefore easier to clean) under the equipment and counters.  Kitchen applications are primarily common in the restaurant industry, but are also found in food plants, wineries, churches, schools, prisons, military bases, hospitals, entertainment facilities, and much more.   

Manufacturing and Production Areas

The majority of Petra applications are for manufacturing and production flooring.  Working primarily for the aerospace, chemical, electronics, food, paper, and pharmaceutical industries, Petra’s concrete coating systems were specifically designed to withstand the impact, abrasion, chemical, and other production-related abuse that the floor receives.  Core-Kote HB and Petra Crete U are our standard high-build products that make our floor coatings functional and durable for general manufacturing areas.