Concrete Sealers

There is a common misunderstanding of what constitutes a concrete sealer.  Some are acrylic, others are silicates, and some are urethane or epoxy-based.  Skilled in all types, Petra has earned the reputation for helping general contractors, architects, engineers, and facility owners choose the right type.  Concrete sealers are commonly found in warehouses, but may be applied over any type of concrete.  There are two major ways to install a sealer depending on the surface preparation: the traditional way is to mechanically scrub the concrete and seal it, whereas the more extensive way is to diamond grind the concrete and seal it.



Grind and seal refers to using diamond grinders to remove the top layer of concrete before applying a sealer to it.  It is normally needs to be packaged with a certain amount of patching that needs to be performed on the concrete.



The other way to install a concrete sealer is to mechanically scrub the concrete before applying the sealer.  This is a more cost-effective approach, but not suitable for concrete that has mastic or thin set residing on top of it.  Although it is not necessary, it is often bid with concrete repair..