NovoKote Polymer Concrete

NovoKote Polymer Concrete (NPC) is an advanced high performance,
three component epoxy resinous concrete. NPC is
engineered to withstand the highest chemical demands of a
novolac epoxy including 98% sulfuric acid (see chart below).
NPC is generally applied between 1.5” to 2” nominal thickness.
Its design features provide for the highest industrial demands.
NovoKote Polymer Concrete has one of the highest ratios
of resin to aggregate and considered the premium system.
NPC may be used in conjuction with Petra’s metal anchoring
reinforcement system (MARS) for added system stength and
longevity. Advantages:
• Self-priming
• 100% Solids, V.O.C. Compliant
• Seamless flooring system
• Essentially odorless
• Four times harder than standard concrete
• Withstands heavy forklift traffic
• Chemical resistant
• Able to be applied over damp concrete
• Does not amine blush
• Can be applied over ten day old concrete

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