Concrete Preparation

Mechanical concrete surface preparation is absolutely pivotal for Petra projects.  Whether it is the removal of mastic and thin set, or concrete polishing, or preparing the concrete for a coating.



Petra has the expertise to get it done safely, thoroughly, and efficiently.  Dust is controlled through industrial vacuums and viqueen as needed.  Also, if there is not enough house power available, then Petra provides its own generators.     
There are four primary methods are: diamond grinding, shot-blasting, scarifying, and scabbling.  Owning multiple machines of each type, as well as employing experienced operators, Petra will determine which method best meets the customer’s individual need. 



This is the most common technique.  It uses diamonds—attached to high-powered grinders—to cut the concrete and remove the laitance residing on the top portion of the concrete.  It is the preferred method used for concrete polishing.  



Shot-blasting creates a strong profile by shooting thousands of small bee bees into the concrete.  It is the ideal method of preparation for extremely large concrete areas, as well as for epoxy high build systems.



The deepest profile can be achieved through scarifying.  The machines have either steel or carbide cutters rotating at a very high speed.  It tears apart the concrete surface leaving grooves that create a ‘waffle-type’ pattern.  It is great in prepping for polyurethane concrete and polymer concrete systems.



When removing concrete that is severely damaged, eroded, or deteriorated, scabbling may be a very effective form of concrete preparation.  Using pistons, it breaks off the bad concrete so that it may be properly treated.  It is ideal for polymer concrete.