At Petra Polymers, we manufacture advance concrete coating systems.  Our product line offers top coat, high build units and more to enhance, safeguard, and bring value to our customers.  

  • Vapor Control

  • Top Coat

    Top Coat systems are coatings that are used as the final or upper most coat that is exposed to ultra violet light. These products are formulated to be more ultraviolet resistant to yellowing and chalking than normal when exposed to UV. Many applications where appearance and performance are key.

  • High Build

    High Build systems are 100 percent solids coatings formulated to build thickness and increase durability at reasonable costs. They are frequently top coated for improved esthetics.

  • Decorative

    Decorative systems are coatings that use a combination of products (solid color resins, paint chips, colored quartz sand, selected fillers and clear resin) to create a decorative, esthetically pleasing coating system. Typically used for commercial / retail, residential, office, showrooms and other use areas where appearance is key. Depending on the system these coatings may not be suitable for heavy industrial use.

  • Primers and Sealers

    Primers and Sealers typically low in viscosity and self leveling to improve adhesion and surface penetration, these products are used as a primer for successive coats and/or as a sealer for porous surfaces.

  • Waterbased

    Waterbased systems use water rather than solvents and other chemicals to improve performance and make them easier and safer to work with. They often have lower viscosity, little to no odor and a pot life that is measured in hours not minutes.

  • Urethanes

    The Urethane Family are polyurethane based products (not epoxy) having different and often improved physical and or chemical properties in selected areas when compared to other coatings. CRU’s are used for improved gloss retention, UV resistance and durability. Polyurethane concrete (Petra-Crete U) for superior chemical resistance, breathability and thermal shock resistance (hot water, CIP…). Fry cook lines, commercial kitchens, food processing, bottling, chemical areas.

  • Electro-Static Dissipative

    ESDs are coatings formulated to dissipate or conduct an electric charge. ESD stands for Electrostatic Dissipative or Electrostatic Discharge and allows the floor coating to safely conduct or dissipate the normal build up of an electrical charge away from the human body. Typical uses include solid state electronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical, explosives and clean rooms. Note: ESD floors always require the use of conductive footwear.

  • Auxillary Products

    These products do not neatly fit into any of the above categories. Patch, concrete repair, crack filers…