Petra’s expertise in the aerospace industry is unparalleled.  Working in hundreds of facilities over the years, we have mastered the individual needs for the different types of areas unique to the facilities, including: aisle ways, manufacturing areas, chemical lines, chemical storage areas, hangars, and more.  Please do not hesitate to contact us as dozens of references are available upon request from leading aerospace companies.   

Animal Shelter

Animal shelters are a unique industry.  They require seamless, monolithic floor coatings keep nasty substances from penetrating the floor, as well as making the areas easy to clean.  Whether it is coating the concrete in kennels in an animal shelter, veterinarian office, pet store, or zoo, Petra products will create the correct floor solution. 


A great source of pride for Petra has been the opportunity to work in the national headquarters of several leading automotive companies.  Petra has worked in numerous R&D centers, parts distribution building, training facilities, as well as many local auto dealerships.  Although the usual application for dealership is coating the service bays, Petra also has an extensive background in other areas such as coating the aisle ways in high traffic areas, repairing damaged docks in shipping areas, installing sealers in warehouse areas, or polishing the concrete in the lobby areas.  We are more than willing to provide any potential client with reputable references.    


With a wide background in concrete coatings, concrete sealers, and concrete polishing, Petra is able to provide the correct floor treatment for hangars and other aircraft transportation facilities.  Petra has experiencing working for numerous private airline companies, aerospace companies, private owners, and large military aircraft bases. 


The chemical industry is one of Petra’s primary areas of specialization.  Every day, harsh chemicals eat concrete.  As the chemicals penetrate the concrete and risk reaching the ground soil, it becomes a major liability.  Petra’s line of chemical resistant epoxies prevent this!  Our staff understands the challenges, problems, and requirements that differ in every application.  Whether it is in chemical processing, secondary containment, or hazardous waste and storage areas, hundreds of projects have been completed under the Petra chemical resistance umbrella. Please see our Chemical Resistant Chart for more information on specific chemicals.


Any church facility can be enhanced through Petra.  Decorative floor coatings, concrete stains, and concrete polishing are all common place in worship centers, hallways, multi-purpose rooms, and nurseries.  Two common areas on the church ground that greatly benefit from Petra’s high build coatings are the kitchens and restrooms.

Correctional Instituations

 Resinous, seamless flooring are important in making prisons, detention centers, and holding cells more sanitary environments.  Petra floor and wall are easier to clean and less likely to harness the growth of bacteria.  Anti-slip surfaces also make the floors safer.     


There are dozens of ways that Petra assists schools and educations campuses with their concrete needs.  Concrete coatings and concrete polishing have become more and more popular in recent years.  They are installed in classrooms, hallways, stairs, labs, restrooms, kitchens, and cafeterias.  They not only improve the appearance of the facilities, but they also make them more safe, sanitary, and environmentally friendly.  


The electronics industry requires special ESD (electric static discharge) flooring.  Petra Stat ESD is engineered to meet the specific demands of this special niche industry.  Please contact Petra to further learn how it we can benefit electronic manufacturing plants.

Food & Beverage

As an established leader in the food and beverage flooring industry, Petra has the technical knowledge and performance capabilities to make food processing plants function as efficiently as possible.  Whether it is bottling, a bakery, or processing meat, fish, poultry, dairy, flavors, sauces, fruits, vegetables, or wine, Petra understands that food plants contain the most difficult set of challenges.  The challenge of extremely short down times are met through our line of rapid cure systems.  The problems of thermal shock and thermal cycling are met through installing our polyurethane concrete—Petra Crete U.  The extensive abuse from impact and abrasion is solved by our high build systems.  Drainage and puddling issues are rectified through sloping.  And troubles of slips and falls are dealt with by anti-slip services.  For over twenty-five years, Petra has worked for the top food/beverage companies and is always willing to provide case studies, photos, references, and samples for our prospective and existing client base.


Manufacturing pulp and paper severely beats up concrete.   The only way to protect the concrete is through installing high build concrete coating systems.  Chemical resistant concrete coatings are also available as needed in these facilities.  Working for the major paper mills in Southern California, Petra has earned the reputation for solving the many problems in these facilities.


Over the years, Petra products have been put down in hundreds of restaurants.  With the growing popularity of beautifully, decorated concrete stains and concrete polishing in the dining areas, as well as the traditional use of functional high build and polyurethane concrete coating systems in the kitchen (link to APPLICATION KITCHEN) areas (where chemical resistance, sanitary cove base, and protection from hot temperatures is all required), Petra’s proficiency in designing and producing restaurant flooring is unparalleled.  Petra has worked directly for small, private restaurant owners, all the way to large, restaurant chains being exclusively specified on a national level.


Moving away from traditional floor coverings such as carpet, tile, sheet vinyl, the retail industry has made a significant push for decorative concrete systems including concrete polishing, concrete stains, and appealing concrete coatings.  It is important to ensure that the floor treatment is both visually attractive and resilient to every day wear from foot traffic.  Petra products have been installed in all types of retail environments—from from grocery stores, to clothing /fashion outlets, to a wide range of many others , Petra has a strong background in retail flooring.


Being both based in California and established in the Food and Beverage industry, Petra has become entrenched in the specific needs for wineries.  Being able to address the standard problems in food plants—in addition to the high acidic content in wine—causes the installation of concrete coatings in wineries to be highly intricate and challenging.  Polyurethane concrete and acid-resistant epoxy systems are available by Petra.