XtraKote Sealer RC

XtraKote Sealer RC is a two component, high performance
cycloaliphatic epoxy concrete floor sealer. XtraKote Sealer
RC cures in four hours at 70° F(half the time of conventional
epoxy systems). XtraKote Sealer RC provides a durable, high
gloss finish which beautifies concrete for years. Its epoxy
chemistry provides excellent bonding characteristics and its
low viscosity allows deep penetration into a concrete substrate.
It is generally applied as a 12 to 16 mil coating system.
Its design features provide for the highest industrial demands.
• Essentially odorless
• Self-priming
• V.O.C. Complaint - 100% Solids
• High gloss
• Withstands medium to heavy traffic
• Chemical resistant
• Able to be applied over damp concrete
• No amine blush
• Can be applied over ten day old concrete

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