PetraThane CRU 80

PetraThane CRU 80 (Chemical Resistant Urethane) is a two component,
high performance aliphatic polyurethane finish floor coating.
PetraThane CRU 80 provides a high gloss finish and is the product of
choice in many applications. It is designed to be applied at 3-5 mils
(DFT). For durability, stain resistance, and a finish coat which beautifies
concrete for years, PetraThane CRU 80 is simply unmatched. It is
also formulated to be used wih virtually all other Petra base systems
meeting the highest demands.
• V.O.C. Compliant (80% solids)
• Low Viscostiy - Rapid cure
• High Gloss Finish
• Withstands heavy traffic
• Chemical Resistant
• UV Stability
• Mar Resistant
• Color Stability
• Superior Abrasion Resistance

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