There are tremendous ways that Petra can benefit your facility. The five most common, general ways are:

1) Durability

Petra concrete floor coatings have great strength and durability. Containing much higher PSI strength than concrete, Petra can withstand abuse from heavy impact, aggressive abrasion, and other tough conditions in high-end industrial settings.

2) Safety

The ability to add silica sand or an aluminum oxide aggregate makes Petra floor coatings anti-slip floors. Non-skid surfaces will help prevent slips and falls making any floor more safe.

3) Aesthetics

Any facility may have its appearance improved by installing a Petra floor coating system. Various colors and top coat options are available to meet the customer’s desires.

4) Protection

Perhaps the most important benefit about Petra is how it protects the floor. A non-porous coating system will not allow liquid or solid substances to penetrate the porous concrete. (For severe chemicals and potent acids, please see the chemical resistance chart).

5) Maintenance (clean and sanitary)

Since Petra floor coatings are non-porous, they are therefore much easier to clean and maintain. A non-porous surface makes it more difficult for bacteria and fungi to harbor growth. Petra floor coating makes the environment more sanitary.