Overview of our Technology

Mechanical Surface Preparation

When installing, we generally use a shot-Blasting and scarifiers, which provides a heavy surface profile to ensure proper adhesion.  Edges and small areas will be ground with diamond grinders.   All prep is done in house by our own workers (we do not outsource prep). 


Today, dust-control has never been of higher importance in virtually every industry.  Petra's investment in state-of-the-art dust collection systems has satisfied our clients after they had experience with others companies that their facilities covered in dust.


Post preparation, our crew will patch every hole, divot, and crack to make sure the floor is even prior to the start of installation.

Polyurethane Concrete Technology

This is the Cadillac of concrete coatings.  It is specifically designed for wet processing areas and will withstand high amounts of thermal shock (hot water on cool floor surface), which causes micro-fracturing in the floor that eventually will cause the floor to fail.

 Resin Rich Technology

A good resin-rich ¼” system uses between 6 and 7 gallons of resin per 100 square feet.  Different manufacturers however, use different ratios of resin to aggregate (Part C – sand and cement).  Some systems use more resin and less sand and are known as resin-rich systems.  Other systems use less resin and more sand and are known as clad-systems (usually applied with screed box and power trowel).  Clad systems are like a cake in that the body coat is like a sponge and the top coat (approximately 8 mils) is like a frosting.  If the “frosting” is chipped, cracked, etc, the body coat will act like a large sponge and absorb any liquids, chemicals, etc that are spilled onto them.  Resin-rich systems are like a milkshake all the way through.  Hot temperatures, organic acids, and chemicals can penetrate the glaze coat and cause a catastrophic failure in the body coat.  The better solution is to use a non-porous, resin-rich system that will be impervious to these kinds of attacks.

Multiple Body Coats

 A good ¼” system uses at least two body coats in addition to the glaze coat.  Our ¼” system is applied in two 100 mil body coats and a 50 mil pure resin coat.  The multiple body coats allow our crew to apply the coating in a more even fashion.  If a ¼” system is installed in one ¼” body coat and glazed with 8 mils of glaze, it is much more likely that the floor will end up with bird baths (low areas where water will puddle) and uneven textures.  Clad systems are a great example of this type of issue. 

Cure Times

TIme is of the essence in manufacturing plants. Therefore, we have a variety of products that will cure to fit the needs of your production timeline.


Scheduling is always an issue in facilities where production is boss.  We have the ability to run double shifts and night shifts if needed to complete the job quickly.   We also have the ability to start a project within 24 hours notice as we manufacture and stock all of our own products.